Marketing and Communications

How you present yourself to the outside world – and the inside world of your organisation – is critical to your success. Make sure you’re doing it in a way that includes, welcomes and engages.

Our team have forty years’ experience in marketing, communications and sales between them, so we can help you build the relationships that matter to you.

Marketing Audit

We can review your marketing activity to find any areas you might be inadvertently excluding people, either in your messaging or through lack of accessibility, and make recommendations for reaching and connecting with a wider audience.

Marketing Strategy

We will work with you to fully understand your target audience, their lives and the value you bring to them, so that we can create a powerful marketing strategy that will reach a wider spectrum of your target audience, and resonate powerfully with the right people.

Understanding Your Audience

Our interactive workshop will help you to understand who your core audience(s) are and what matters to them, then together we will create an actionable plan to connect creatively with them.

Employer Brand

In order to drive growth and future success, you need to be recruiting the right talent. Are you sending out the right messages about what it’s like to work with you? We will help you to present your organisation in way that welcomes everyone.

Recruitment Campaigns

If you are struggling to attract diverse talent, we can help you get your roles in front of a broader range of people and create job adverts and interview processes that encourage wider engagement.

Content Creation

Our expert writers and videographers can create content for your organisation that speaks to a wide range of audiences.