We’re helping you kickstart your diversity and inclusion strategy in 2023 with a series of webinars designed to introduce you to some of the fundamental concepts, and help you understand how to plan and execute meaningful action.

What is inclusion, and where do you start?

Thursday 16th March, 11am – 12pm

What exactly do we mean by diversity and inclusion in the workplace?

This session will give you an introduction to inclusion, an overview of the key concepts, and an understanding of why it matters for your organisation, as well as tangible ideas for how you can work out where to start when implementing diversity and inclusion activities, and practical advice on taking those first steps.

Challenge your assumptions

Thursday 23rd March, 11am – 12pm

You are faced with millions of pieces of information at any given moment, and your brain simply cannot process all of them. That’s why we all rely on assumptions and shortcuts to help us make sense of the world. The trouble is, many of those assumptions are incorrect and unhelpful. This session will help you to understand how your unconscious mind is impacting your thinking, your decision-making and your relationships, giving you the tools to get in front of these automatic approaches and build more effective ways of working.

Not being racist is not enough

Thursday 30th March, 11am – 12pm

It’s great that you’re not racist, but in a world built on structures and approaches that benefit some and hold back others because of who they are, “not being racist” isn’t enough. As individuals and organisations, we need to be actively anti-racist in order to build a more fair and equitable world where everyone can thrive and we can benefit from different ideas and perspectives. In this session, activist and speaker Kaia Allen-Bevan will introduce you to the concept of anti-racism, and show you how you can introduce anti-racist approaches at work and beyond to become an active ally in the strive for social justice.

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