Inclusion training enables your team to work better together.

Improve communication, collaboration, productivity, leadership skills, engagement and innovation through better understanding of different people, working styles, customer needs and creative thinking.

You probably know by now that diversity and inclusion offer a competitive edge in today’s complex market – after all, 96%1 of business leaders say that inclusive organisations have an advantage over their peers. But knowing where to start, how to make a meaningful impact and how to ensure all your staff feel part of the process can be a big challenge.

Diverse and inclusive teams have:

19% higher innovation
50% higher retention
87% better decisions
60% better results
83% more engagement
36% higher profits

If you get this right, the benefits can be huge.

Change is scary.

We get it. Introducing new ways of working, tackling tough conversations, and navigating a constantly changing landscape of inclusion with all the different terminology and concepts can be completely overwhelming.

Plus not everyone on your team will be on board or comfortable, and you need to make sure they all feel part of what you’re doing.

After all, this is about including everyone.

The Watch This Sp_ce training approach

That’s why our sessions are designed to be:

  • Safe spaces for absolutely everyone
  • Fully interactive, so the team can explore ideas together
  • Tailored to the roles, responsibilities and day-to-day lives of each group
  • Accessible and easy to understand
  • Practical and action-focused – everyone comes away with a plan to implement their learnings
  • Non-judgemental, meeting people where they are on their inclusion journey
  • Engaging and enjoyable – this isn’t your standard dull, preachy corporate training!

We prefer to get your teams together in small groups, so that each person can fully participate in conversations with depth – and they can participate in whatever way suits their communication and learning style.

Our sessions can be delivered in person or online, and we even have a range of recorded webinars that your team can access at their own convenience.

All course attendees receive a workbook to help them continue their learning after the session.

“Fantastic training from Watch This Sp_ce. Challenged us to think both in and outside the room and we came away with a tangible ‘to-do’ list that we’re already putting into practice – with supportive facilitation, informed content and open and responsive communication throughout and beyond.”

Sussex Nightstop

Our courses

We don’t do “off-the-shelf” sessions – each one is designed to your unique requirements. But these are some of the topics that we can focus on:

Introductory courses

The Benefits of Inclusion
Learn how inclusion supports your business
Challenge Your Assumptions
Understand and overcome unconscious bias
Watch Your Language
Understanding relevant terminology
Challenging Conversations
Navigating disagreement productively

Advanced courses

Active Anti-Racism
Becoming an anti-racist organisation
Introduction to Neurodiversity
Empowering different working styles
Allyship in the Workplace
Creating a culture of support and respect
Inclusive Communications
Get your message across more effectively

Specialist courses

Inclusive Recruitment
Attract, engage and empower more applicants
Inclusive Leadership
Get the most from a diverse team
Psychological Safety
Creating environments of open innovation
Thinking Outside the Box
Enabling creative and innovative thinking

If you’re brand new to inclusion training, we recommend you start with one of our foundation courses.

“Their training was informative, unique and perfectly challenging; they facilitated enlightening conversation which challenged our attendees, and made for an invigorating discussion leaving many beginning to think in a new light and test their preconceptions. Allegra and Mo have a fantastic chemistry while presenting, and offer two different experiences that makes their unconscious bias training accessible and honest. Their session will get you and your team thinking about how we interact with different people in a new way.”

Sussex Innovation Centre

We’re not here for ticking boxes

You might have read in the media that diversity and inclusion training doesn’t work – that’s because too many organisations try to deal with the entire vast landscape of inclusion in a single one-off session. This only leads to employees being frustrated, disengaged and more confused than before they started.

We only work with businesses that are committed to meaningful impact – that means we don’t do one-off sessions that are designed to tick boxes; we offer programmes of learning that take you through increasingly in-depth understanding of what inclusion means and the different elements that you can apply to your business.

Does Diversity and Inclusion Training Work? Watch our video to find out more:

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1 Harvard University