We are passionate about building a more equal society. One that benefits from the individual voices and unique perspectives that make humanity so richly diverse.

We came together through volunteer projects, all looking to help amplify marginalised voices and support underrepresented groups to follow their ambitions. We started to talk about all the ways we knew the world needed to change. How businesses could be better. Where the gaps were in our society.

Then came lockdown. We found ourselves trapped in our homes with more time on our hands, watching the world having to rethink absolutely everything. And we knew we had to do something.

So we set out on our mission to help organisations reimagine the way they do things – from their structures to their processes to their culture. We want to make sure they are equipped with everything they need to create a tangibly, measurably fairer world where everyone feels included. We want to empower people who have previously felt silenced or excluded to take on leadership roles and take their seat at the table. We have all experienced discrimination at work and in life, and we want to help build a world where no one has to experience that ever again.

Allegra Chapman


A business strategist, communications specialist and expert in behaviour change, Allegra is a certified coach, conference speaker and freelance writer. She is also a Trustee at Enterprise Junction, a charity supporting underrepresented people to start their own business.

Mo Kanjilal


Mo is an award-winning experienced senior leader and employee engagement expert. She is an NLP Master Practitioner, Vice-Chair of the Board of Trustees at the Clock Tower Sanctuary, and Non-Exec Director for Here (Care Unbound), as well as a speaker, writer and mentor.

Rachel Pearson

Head of Community and Creative

Rachel is a digital marketing expert and filmmaker who is passionate about representation in audio and visual creative media. Rachel creates narrative shorts, actor showreels, and promotional videos as well as producing the FANMADE Film and Reimagination at Work podcasts.

Kaia Allen-Bevan

Trainer and Workshop Facilitator

Kaia is a racial justice and anti-racism campaigner, speaker and writer who believes in creating brave spaces to integrate anti-racist practices, embrace humility, and strive for an equitable future. As well as leading training and workshops, Kaia guides our anti-racism work.

Natalie Reilly

Trainer and Workshop Facilitator

Natalie is an artist, writer, and educator who facilitates learning with inclusion at its core, and creates communities for shared learning. Natalie holds an MA in Digital Media, Culture and Society, exploring how digital landscapes shape society. She is also part of the team behind Writers’ HQ.

Holly Mapstone

Trainer and Workshop Facilitator

Holly is an HR specialist who is passionate about empowering business and people to achieve success, through financial performance, engagement and growth. Holly is the Founder of Mapstone HR and an expert in organisational culture, empowerment and transformation.

Peter Chapman

Financial Analyst

Peter is an experienced accountant who is passionate about inclusion in business, and sits on the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team at the University of Sussex. As a father of two young children, he is an advocate for flexible working and shared parental support at work.

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