We are passionate about building a more equal society. One that benefits from the individual voices and unique perspectives that make humanity so richly diverse.

We came together through volunteer projects, all looking to help amplify marginalised voices and support underrepresented groups to follow their ambitions. We started to talk about all the ways we knew the world needed to change. How businesses could be better. Where the gaps were in our society.

Then came lockdown. We found ourselves trapped in our homes with more time on our hands, watching the world having to rethink absolutely everything. And we knew we had to do something.

So we set out on our mission to help organisations reimagine the way they do things – from their structures to their processes to their culture. We want to make sure they are equipped with everything they need to create a tangibly, measurably fairer world where everyone feels included. We want to empower people who have previously felt silenced or excluded to take on leadership roles and take their seat at the table. We have all experienced discrimination at work and in life, and we want to help build a world where no one has to experience that ever again.

Allegra Chapman



A business strategist, communications specialist and expert in behaviour change, Allegra is a certified coach, conference speaker and freelance writer. In 2023, Allegra was named by f:Entrepreneur as one of the most inspiring and dynamic female entrepreneurs in the UK.

Email Allegra – allegra@watchthisspace.uk

Mo Kanjilal



Award-winning senior leader and employee engagement expert. Mo is an Author, TedX Speaker and Mentor. She is an NLP Master Practitioner, Vice-Chair of the Board of Trustees at the Clock Tower Sanctuary, and Non-Exec Director for Here (Care Unbound)

Email Mo – mo@watchthisspace.uk




Engagement Lead

TedX speaker, racial justice and Anti-Racism advocate and podcast co-host. Kaia creates brave spaces to integrate anti-racist practices, embrace humility, question and strive for equity. She leads on engagement, anti-racism and allyship.




Community Manager

Cass is a company culture and community expert, who has designed award-winning office spaces, created collaborative team events, launched inclusion initiatives, and navigated companies through lockdown and the pivot to hybrid working.




Community Consultant

Megan uses her marketing skills to reach and engage a wide range of audiences with a variety of topics. Megan is also an author, creating resources and books to make complex diversity and inclusion concepts easy to understand.




Trainer and Facilitator

Becky is a seasoned educator dedicated to shaping the futures of children and young people. She leads training sessions across diverse subjects, encompassing mental health and wellbeing, frontline professional skills, and safeguarding practices. She has been nominated for two awards at the National Facilitators Awards.




Trainer and Facilitator

Holly is an HR specialist who is passionate about empowering business and people to achieve success, through financial performance, engagement and growth. Holly is the Founder of Mapstone HR and an expert in organisational culture, empowerment and transformation.




Coach and Facilitator

Nisanka is a Life Coach, DISC Facilitator and Holistic Practitioner. She is qualified in Neuro Linguistic Programming, working with narcissism and domestic abuse. With 20 years teaching experience, she cherishes the memory of running a Charity Programme for children in Sri Lanka. 




Financial Analyst

Peter is an experienced accountant who is passionate about inclusion in business, and sits on the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team at the University of Sussex. As a father of two young children, he is an advocate for flexible working and shared parental support at work.




Trainer and Facilitator

Claire is a communications professional, with a passion for people development and creating inclusive workplaces. She is an advisor and mentor for initiatives to improve opportunity and representation of Black, Asian, Mixed Race and Ethnic Minority PR and comms people. Her work takes a people-centred approach,




Trainer and Facilitator

Ryna is an experienced ICF Coach and Corporate Trainer, specialising in Personal Effectiveness, Confidence Building, Mindset and Wellbeing, and building diverse, inclusive cultures. Ryna brings over 12 years of valuable experience within Learning and Development internationally.




Trainer and Facilitator

Sarah is an experienced communicator whose career has taken her from talking to kids about cheese to football managers about equal pay as well as every marketing manager inbetween. With a passion for inclusion and understanding in the workplace, Sarah brings that enthusiasm with her, wherever she goes.

Watch This Sp_ce Advisory Board

Bonamy Waddell


Bonamy is a data storyteller and founding Director of Bon Insight Ltd, helping organisations gather and use data to make evidence-based decisions, to boost motivation, improve retention rates and increase client satisfaction. Having spent 20 years working in large corporates, she set up her business in 2017. Her background in PR and marketing, combined with her data expertise, give her the rare ability to analyse and present insights in a way that brings the data to life.

Mark Vaesen


Mark is the Founder and Managing Director of Tomango Ltd, and helps businesses develop their brand and digital profile to grow and be more profitable. His background in web design and brand strategy, combined with digital marketing experience, makes him unusually well-placed to analyse the problems small businesses face, and deliver insights that can be implemented quickly to produce immediate but sustainable results.

Fiona Anderson


Fiona is a leader with a passion for innovation, creativity and enabling growth for start ups and entrepreneurs. With a background of 17 years in corporate banking, Fiona was involved in setting up and managing a hugely impactful entrepreneurial accelerator in Brighton in partnership with Entrepreneurial Spark and NatWest. She specialises in helping businesses to scale and grow. She helps businesses unlock creativity for innovation and team engagement.

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