Your journey to inclusion success starts here

At Watch This Sp_ce, we take a data-led approach to diversity and inclusion – working out your business’ current position in order to pinpoint the actions that will make a tangible difference, and creating a measurement framework that will allow you to track meaningful, quantifiable progress.

We’re not here for tick-boxing exercises or empty gestures.

We’re here to help you identify your opportunities for growth.

We’re here to draw you a map from where you are now to where you want to be.

We’re here to guide your business forward, increasing innovation, engagement, productivity, results and successes as you unlock your team’s full potential.

Inclusion takes you further… but where do you start?

The potential benefits of inclusion are huge. Diversity and inclusion:

Increases innovation
Improves productivity
Reduces turnover
Attracts candidates
Boosts cash flow
Raises reputation
Lessens absences
Increases profits

And a lot more besides.

But working out where to begin, and understanding whether you’re going in the right direction, can be highly confusing.

Are you ready to transform talk into action?

Do you want to demonstrate to your staff, customers and wider audience that you are committed to making your workplace work for everyone?

Do you want to know what actions will make a tangible impact on your inclusion journey?

Then you need to take the Inclusion Journey.

Inclusion journey mapping involves:

  • A full audit of your policies, processes, culture, reputation and staff and customer experiences
  • Discovery workshops with your team to define a vision for your future
  • Identification of measurable goals to support your vision for inclusion and your overall business objectives
  • Creation of a roadmap to take you from where you are now to where you want to be
  • Development of a measurement framework to enable you to track and quantify your progress
  • Production of a communications strategy to engage and listen to your team and stakeholders

Inclusion Journey Mapping helped Richmond Hill Hotel increase their retention rate from 46% to 72%!

Richmond Hill Hotel knew there was a space between the diversity of their overall team, and that of the leadership. They wanted to look at their organisation as a whole, understand what gaps they had and what they needed to work on. Our inclusion journey mapping process allowed them to understand their current situation, design a vision for the future that the whole business believed in, and plan actionable steps towards their goals.

They credit this work with helping increase their retention rate from 46% to 72% in 12 months.

Diane Tapner-Evans, General Manager, says:

“Our partnership with Watch This Sp_ce has been incredibly enlightening. It has empowered us to delve deeper into the concept of inclusion within our work environment, inspiring us to adapt our working methods and communication to embrace a wider spectrum of guests who frequent our hotel.”

We’re so glad you found us. Now help us find you!

Your first step on your route to inclusion success is to complete the Inclusion Journey tracker. This FREE quiz will show us how you are measuring up so far when it comes to diveristy and inclusion.

Alternatively, fill in the form below to let us know you want to begin, and we’ll get your inclusion journey moving forwards.

We literally wrote the book on this!

The Inclusion Journey is your practical guide to developing, implementing and measuring a diversity and inclusion strategy that engages employees and drives results.

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