Decisions, Decisions: Are you including everyone in your decisions?

Decisions, decisions, we have to make them every day. Every time we make a decision, we make a choice about what and who we include in our decision-making. When we do that, do we always consider all the different options and perspectives? Do we ask different people for their thoughts, ideas and objections to a choice.

The value of diversity and inclusion in the workplace in stats

Why does diversity and inclusion in the workplace matter? If you’re considering whether diversity and inclusion is a worthwhile investment for your organisation, or you’re trying to make a business case to the senior leadership for diversity and inclusion work, […]

Freelance Trainers Wanted

Applications are now closed – thanks to everyone who applied Watch This Sp_ce is hiring! Watch This Sp_ce is growing, with new clients joining us across the UK. We need experienced trainers with a strong understanding of diversity and inclusion […]