What is diversity and inclusion in the workplace anyway?

Everyone’s talking about diversity and inclusion in the workplace, but what does it really mean? Why does it matter? What should you do about it? If you feel like conversations around this topic have started to leave you behind, don’t […]

What’s the difference between equality and equity?

Not too long ago, there was a huge drive for equality. Everyone was talking about the need to treat people equally. So it’s not surprising that, as the conversation shifted to equity, people have been sidling up to me at […]

Diversity and inclusion trends for 2023

As the dust starts to settle on an eventful 2022, where we all started to learn how to work flexibly in “normal” circumstances rather than in the midst of a global health emergency, where we slammed abruptly into the hard […]

Can we agree to disagree?

I was at an event recently where someone asked me what our business is about. I explained in a short sentence or two. Then based on that, without really knowing anything about what we do, the person said “I feel […]