National Inclusion Week: Reimagination At Work

26th September 2022 – 2nd October 2022 What is National Inclusion Week? National Inclusion Week started in 2012. It’s a week dedicated to celebrating inclusion and learning about how to be more inclusive. It has become a week that unites […]

4 reasons to enter the Reimagination at Work Awards

During National Inclusion Week, 27th September – 3rd October, we will be exploring the ways that the world of work is changing to drive greater innovation by including a more diverse range of ideas, experiences and perspectives. The Reimagination at […]

What is neurodiversity?

What does neurodiversity mean and why should your organisation care about it? If you want to get the best out of your team and make space for effective communication and collaboration, then you need to find out.

What Could Our Future Be? Reflections on TedX Brighton

Do we know what the future holds and what it is? Who is making the decisions on that future and telling people what is happening? An inspirational day at TedX Brighton showed us that we need to radically change who […]