Challenge Your Assumptions

So much of success at work depends on being able to connect to others and build trust. Yet often we unknowingly put barriers in the way. This is often down to the biases we all have about people.

Unconscious bias isn’t about prejudice or bigotry, it’s a necessary function of the human brain. Everyone has unconscious biases because our brains need shortcuts to help them deal with the sheer volume of information they are faced with at each moment.

The trouble is, those biases can lead to faulty thinking, poor decisions and damaged relationships. By getting a better understanding of the way biases work in our brains, we can reprogram ourselves to be more effective thinkers.

This interactive session is full of practical guidance to improve decision-making and interpersonal skills. The course will challenge the way you see the world around you and allow you to have greater influence.

Who is this course for?

This training is a great starting point on your diversity and inclusion learning journey. This training will benefit people at all levels and across all roles and functions of your organisation.

Learning outcomes

Your team will come away with an understanding of:

  • What unconscious bias is
  • How it works, and why it’s nothing to feel bad about
  • Why it matters and how it impacts our workplaces
  • How to identify and tackle your own biased thinking
  • Inclusive ways of working that will improve decision-making and relationship-building

What our clients say

The session on challenging our assumptions was a thought provoking introduction to DEI topics for our whole organisation, and was excellently delivered. Looking forward to working with them more in the future.

– Jack Gill, Trusted Housesitters