Multi-generations: the future of workplace inclusion

Nicolette Wykeman

In the new world of work, your team is likely to include 18-year-olds alongside 80-year-olds. How will you support these varied people with different skills, experiences and approaches to work together effectively?

Nicolette Wykeman is the founder of Silverforce Coaching and has over 25 years international business experience including almost twenty years as a career coach helping many professionals reach their career goals. Since 2018 she specialises in later life and (semi)retirement coaching and is a Thought Leader of the Wize Move Society, an international platform for the over 50s who like to thrive and live well in later life. She is passionate about how different generations can learn from each other, the benefits for our physical and mental well-being when working longer and the wealth of knowledge and experience the older generation can give to society in general.

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