Mentoring can be a valuable tool in staff retention, helping under-represented staff to access career guidance and support and allowing your team to identify and work towards their long-term goals.

If you want to develop your career, finding a mentor who can offer you support and guidance, and introduce you to valuable connections, can be invaluable.

So how do you go about accessing mentoring opportunities?

Connecting to a Mentor

Mentoring Network

Joining Watch This Sp_ce’s mentoring network gives you access to a database of mentors and mentees. Connect with people who match your interests and career goals to find the perfect mentor for you.

To join the mentoring network, you need to become a Watch This Sp_ce member. Find out more here.

Organisational Networks

If you would like to set up a mentoring network within your own organisation, contact us at and we can help.

Mentoring Training

If you would like to make mentoring a part of your organisation, we offer training to support your staff and your leadership team.

Mentoring Programme

A six-week course to help your staff identify their goals and create a roadmap towards them, complete with an action plan for you to continue to support them.

Mentoring for Managers

This training programme will empower the leaders in your organisation to be mentors to their teams.

Contact us at for more information.