How to be a genuinely powerful ally

When the Black Lives Matter protests were at the forefront last summer, there were a lot of people asking what they can do, and saying how terrible they felt about it all. There were black squares posted on Instagram, there […]

Productivity hacks – 5 tips to help you do more things

It’s kind of hilarious that I’m writing about productivity hacks. You see, I’m quite the expert at finding things to do instead of the tasks I should be doing. If I’ve got a big presentation to write, or a report […]

Do you have the power to just say no?

Saying no is one of those things that comes easy to some people, and for others it’s the hardest thing ever. There are training courses to learn how to say no, and coaching programs to help people to learn this […]

What’s the value of brand values?

Brand values are not a nice to have. They’re not marketing fluff. Values make you money. So you need to know what they are and how to use them.

The Inclusion Gap: are we heading for a technology innovation crisis?

The world needs new solutions to problems. And creating new, innovative ways to solve these problems needs different kinds of people to be included. It’s these varied perspectives that create new ideas and solutions. If we fail to include different people to create new tech, is technology innovation in crisis?

Is International Women’s Day doing more harm than good?

International Women’s Day seems to be giving businesses an opportunity to cover up their failings – making a token gesture to suggest they’re doing something, whilst giving them an excuse not to do anything at all. Or carry on actively discriminating against women. Something has to change.

Is video the key to you reaching a wide audience?

When you create content what you are aiming to do is reach a wide audience and have impact. Using video is a proven way to do that. People are more likely to watch short video clips than they are to […]