To recruit different types of people to your organisation means shaking things up and doing things differently. If you continue using the same processes, you will get the same results, so here are some ideas to shake up your recruitment process.

1. Communications

Take a good look at everything you use to communicate about new roles. We often fall into the trap of using document templates and copying and pasting words without really thinking about what we are looking for. So take a good look at:

  • Job Title – does the role clearly describe what it involves? Are you using words and job titles you have created for this role, or are they the ones you have used for years? People will not look further if they are not interested in the job title, so be critical, and ask for feedback from others about whether the job title accurately describes the job. 
  • Job description – now have a look at what you are saying is involved in the role. Are you using jargon, acronyms or terms which people might not understand? Are you using words that might put people off? Words like ‘guru’ ‘ninja’ or other terms that might sound cool, actually put people off. Use simple words and descriptions to make sure people know what you mean.
  • Company Description – When you describe the company, take a very critical look at what you are saying. Are you talking about things like ‘cultural fit’ or talking about beers on a Friday? Things that might sound like fun to you, might be putting people off. Describe the company values, what it’s like to work there, and the inclusive benefits you offer employees.

And consider advertising in some different places too!

2. Applications

Who is usually involved in your recruitment process? Is it always the same people? Do applications always go to the same people? Think how you can change this and consider:

  • Application process – think about whether you can do something different with your applications. Consider taking names off of CVs, or asking people questions to answer instead of a traditional CV to change how applications are reviewed.
  • Application reviews – try asking different people to review applications, perhaps in different teams so that people are not screened out due to biases (we all have them!)
  • Timing – and how quickly are you reviewing those applications? With job vacancies at a high, you need to get back to people quickly. Instead of complicated review processes, get back to people you are interested in as quick as possible.

3. Process

And when you have got a shortlist of people you want to meet, make sure you have thought carefully about the process you are going to follow to recruit. There are some different things you can do. This is about getting the best out of people. You want to find out about them, and for them to find out about you. This is not about putting up difficult barriers and tasks for them.

  • Location – do you need to see people face to face? Is the role going to be based in the office? Consider some different options, and offer candidates those options. You will find that some people prefer in-person and some are happy with the video.
  • Tasks – what tasks are you going to ask them to do? If you’re asking people to do a presentation, think about some different things to ask them to present about which will make them feel comfortable. This is about finding out what they can do, not putting barriers in place. 
  • Timing – and be clear with people in those interviews about when you will get back to them. Candidates will be interviewing at different places, so make sure you are clear with people about when they can expect to hear from you. 

You want candidates to have a good experience when they apply for a job with you. Even if you don’t employ someone, they will remember your organisation if they have had a good experience. And if they remember you for a bad experience, news travels fast. So consider how you can shake things up to reach different people.

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