During National Inclusion Week, 27th September – 3rd October, we will be exploring the ways that the world of work is changing to drive greater innovation by including a more diverse range of ideas, experiences and perspectives. The Reimagination at Work Conference will showcase some inspiring speakers with actionable advice for how you can start to change the way you do business for the better. The week will culminate with the first ever Reimagination at Work Awards – a celebration of the organisations that are finding ways to make work work for everyone. And your organisation could be among the winners.

If you are making bold changes in the way you work in order to include everyone, then you should enter these awards. If the glory on its own isn’t enough, here are four more reasons why you should put your business forward.

1. It’s free to enter

We don’t believe in charging organisations to gain recognition for their hard work. Too many industry awards exist simply to recognise people with deep enough pockets to pay for them. We don’t buy awards, and we don’t want you to pay for them either. Your entry is free, so come on in.

2. It’s non-competitive

We don’t want to pit organisations that are doing great work against each other. We prefer collaboration over competition – that takes everyone further. So at our awards you won’t find any categories, there are no shortlists, and it is not a zero sum game. Fill in the entry form, and, if we’re impressed by the work you’re doing, you’ll win an award. And so will any other organisations or individuals that we think are worthy of recognition. It’s that simple.

3. It demonstrates genuine commitment

We know full well that plenty of organisations pay lip service to inclusion, but they don’t walk their talk. To get an award from us, you’ll have to demonstrate that you’re serious about meaningful change. So if you’re one of our winners, it’s a clear sign to the rest of the world that you’re genuinely committed to inclusion and taking tangible actions to achieve it.

4. People need to hear your story

The main reason we are doing all of this, is to help organisations across the UK (and beyond) to take action themselves. Every talk in the conference will not only inspire viewers to want to harness the benefits of inclusion, they will have actionable takeaways that they can put into practice. The stories of our award winners will demonstrate what is possible, and give insights into how it can be achieved. As a winner, by sharing and celebrating the progress that you have made, you will encourage and guide others to begin similar initiatives, spreading the powerful positive impact of your work far beyond your organisation.

And if all that isn’t enough, glory is still a great reason too. You deserve recognition for the effort you have put in to make a difference. So celebrate yourself, or your team, or nominate someone else you know.

Fill in your entry today.