We are two businesses who care about making the world accessible and inclusive for everyone, so we are thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with Huxley Digital. 

We were introduced to each other through Brighton Chamber as Amy Lishman, Head of Member Engagement, felt we would have things to talk about. We could immediately see what we had in common and the benefits of us working together. Dom Huxley said, “Our business is all about promoting accessibility and contributing to making a fairer internet for all, and Watch This Sp_ce are all about making the world of work inclusive for everyone, so we could see how we could partner with them to help all of our clients. Their training and services will be interesting for both our clients and team to look at how they work and communicate.” 

There is so far to go in making the world accessible for everyone, and we increasingly rely on digital technology which often excludes people. Mo Kanjilal at Watch This Sp_ce said, “We help our clients with inclusive communication, and so often they want more detailed help with their websites. It was a relief to meet Dom from Huxley and know that we can recommend our clients to someone we trust.”

Both companies will now be offering introductions and services to clients. Watch This Sp_ce offer an Inclusion Audit and training to companies. This will now include the service of website audits, website design and training for people on how to make their websites accessible. 

Allegra Chapman from Watch This Sp_ce said, “It’s a natural step for us to offer our clients help with making their websites accessible. Websites are one of the key ways that companies communicate about their products, services and brand, and a major tool for recruitment, so it’s vital that they do not exclude people. Whilst we can advise our clients on best practice with regards to their general communications strategy, up until now we’ve had to leave them to manage the technical side alone. Now we can help them go even further by introducing them to Huxley.”

There are times when business collaborations can take effort and work to come to agreement. With Watch This Sp_ce and Huxley, there was such a natural fit that this was not the case. Dom Huxley said, “Sometimes in business, you meet companies where your values and missions align so closely, it’s obvious we should work together.”


Watch This Space is a diversity and inclusion consultancy business, on a mission to make the workplace fairer, more equal and more representative of society. They help organisations reimagine the way they do things – from their structures to their processes to their culture. They want to make sure businesses are equipped with everything they need to benefit from the wide variety of benefits that inclusion can bring for innovation, productivity and success. Check out their website here.

Huxley Digital is a digital agency specialising in creating accessible websites that are easy to use, accessible and designed for real people.
Check out their website here.