As the world of work continues to evolve, flexible working arrangements have become more important than ever before. With new legislation set to be introduced, businesses across the UK must be prepared to implement changes to the way they operate in order to accommodate these flexible working arrangements.

At Watch This Sp_ce, we recognise the importance of supporting UK businesses as they navigate these new changes. Our team of experts can help organisations understand the new legislation and its implications, and provide guidance on how to effectively introduce flexible working arrangements within the workplace.

According to HRreview, Joanne Stronach, Head of Employment Law and HR at Cartmell Shepherd Solicitors, warns that businesses must be prepared for the new legislation, which will give workers the right to request flexible working from the first day of their employment. This means that employers may be faced with situations where they advertise and appoint a full-time, office-based role only to receive a request for flexible working on the first day of employment.

At Watch This Sp_ce, we believe that businesses must be proactive in preparing for these changes. This involves developing a comprehensive understanding of flexible working and identifying ways in which it can be introduced within your organisation. We can provide support in developing internal policies and procedures that are compliant with the new legislation, and tailored to the specific needs of your business.

It’s important to recognise that flexible working arrangements go beyond working from home. This includes job sharing, flexitime, and working compressed, annualised or staggered hours. As Joanne Stronach states, “employers do need to hold open and constructive conversations with employees about flexible working options and try to accommodate requests and find solutions where possible.”

Watch This Sp_ce can help businesses to create a culture that supports flexible working. This involves ensuring that employees feel comfortable requesting flexible working arrangements, and that managers are equipped to support these requests. We can also provide training and support for managers to help them develop the skills needed to effectively manage flexible working arrangements.

The new legislation will also enable employees to make two flexible working requests within 12 months, rather than one. This means that businesses must be prepared to respond to multiple requests for flexible working arrangements within a relatively short period of time. At our consultancy, we can provide support in managing these requests, ensuring that businesses are able to respond effectively and efficiently.

We recognise that the introduction of new legislation can be a challenging time for businesses. However, we believe that these changes also provide an opportunity for businesses to create a more inclusive and supportive workplace culture. By embedding flexible working within the culture of their business, organisations can widen their pool of applicants during the recruitment process, whilst also supporting higher productivity and staff retention.

What can you do?

You may feel overwhelmed at the thought of introducing new internal policies or values, but beginning with the smallest changes can make a big difference;

  • Starting off with simply encouraging open and constructive conversations with employees about flexible working options, and trying to accommodate requests and find solutions where possible is a great way to begin. This immediately shows your employees that you value them, and their needs.
  • Providing employees with the necessary technology and equipment to work remotely, such as laptops and video conferencing software.
  • Provide training and support for employees on how to effectively work remotely, including tips on how to manage their time and stay motivated.
  • Review job descriptions and responsibilities to identify tasks that can be completed remotely, and explore options for job sharing or flexible hours.

The new legislation around flexible working arrangements is set to have a significant impact on UK businesses. It’s important that businesses are prepared for these changes and are able to effectively implement flexible working arrangements within their workplace. At Watch This Sp_ce, we can provide the support and guidance needed to navigate these changes and create a more inclusive, productive and supportive workplace culture.