Discover Your Organisational Diversity and Inclusion Score

This quiz will help you understand where you’re starting from on your journey to building an inclusive organisation, in just three minutes.

Identify your key areas of opportunity to focus your inclusion strategy

Why does this matter?

Diverse and inclusive teams are more innovative, more productive, more engaged, better at decision-making, better at crisis management, more successful and more profitable. Inclusion improves recruitment, retention and motivation. 

Yet it can be hard to understand where your organisation is when it comes to inclusion, and what actions will make the biggest impact to move you forward.

That’s why Watch This Sp_ce created this tool to help you get started by answering 27 questions in just three minutes.

Inclusion Journey

At Watch This Sp_ce, we use six pillars to assess your organisation’s approach to, and level of maturity with, diversity, inclusion and belonging. We use these findings to help you create a prioritised, measurable action plan to enable you to harness the benefits of inclusion to increase innovation, productivity, engagement, results and profits. 

This quiz will provide you with an introductory overview of your areas of opportunity in each pillar.