Who are they?

Paddle offers SaaS companies a completely different approach to their payments infrastructure. Instead of assembling and maintaining a complex stack of payments-related apps and services, they’re a merchant of record for their customers, taking away 100% of the pain of payments fragmentation.

What was the problem?

Paddle approached Watch This Sp_ce because they were getting constant questions from their teams, asking what they were doing about diversity and inclusion. 58% of people are looking for diversity and inclusion in their employer, and this isn’t just when they are searching for new roles, they will hold their existing employers accountable too. Diversity and Inclusion was beginning to be raised at every company meeting – even when it wasn’t on the agenda.

How did we help?

We completed an Inclusion Journey Map for Paddle. We used data analysis, surveys, interviews, performance evaluation and reviews of processes, policies and working methods to determine:

  • their gaps and opportunities for growth
  • their internal and external reputation
  • goals and objectives for inclusion and belonging
  • short, medium, long-term and transformational actions required

How is it going?

Paddle don’t get questions anymore – asking WHAT they are doing when it comes to diversity and inclusion. The team know exactly what they are doing, and can see a tangible action plan and measurable progress. Not only are they mindful of the action plan they have, they have even hired internally to ensure they have the resource to fully commit to taking it forward and seeing further growth as a result.

Hear it from them…

“We worked with Watch This Sp_ce to help with our DE&I audit. From those results, we’ve gone from it being a question raised at every single Company All Hands to it no longer a regular topic raised. We’ve made some really positive inroads – still working forwards and we’ve got more to do, but it was a great help off of the starting blocks.”

Hanna Smith, Director of People