Collaborative leadership: leading with teal

Dr Helen Curr

Teal organisations do things differently. They reject hierarchical leadership and command and control approaches in favour of a democratic way of working that empowers everyone. As CEO of Here, Dr Helen Curr is a teal leader, and will inspire you to think about the way you work and whether you want to make some changes.

A clinical psychologist, with extensive experience as a Consultant in the National Health Service, Dr Helen Curr is now the CEO at Here, a healthcare social enterprise. Here works through partnerships  to create public health services and solutions that are shaped around the needs of the person. Here believes in making a difference in the world. And that business can be a force for good. Here was founded with the aim of finding new ways to deliver healthcare. Today Here brings this work to life through outstanding, innovative services with tangible benefits to individuals and communities. At heart a commitment to putting patients at the centre of everything.

Helen’s role as CEO is to hold Here true to the values. To make sure our commitment to putting people at the heart of their healthcare journey is embedded in every decision and action taken.The organisation uses a collaborative style of leadership to empower people. Here sees itself as part of a global movement exploring ways of living and working that deliver exceptional care today, and for future generations.  Exceptional Care, for everyone.

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