Welcome to the 2023 Reimagination at Work Conference and Awards

From Monday 25th September until Sunday 1st October, we will be hosting a virtual conference exploring the ways that the world of work is changing and how we can, together, build a future that works for everyone.

Be prepared to be challenged, inspired and compelled to take action from our range of inspirational speakers. Alongside the conference, we will be running the Reimagination At Work Awards to celebrate those who are rethinking how we work to include everyone. If there is anybody you would like to nominate, you can do so here.


Dr Charlotte Rae (she/her)- How can we reimagine work with a 4 day week?


Dr Charlotte Rae is a lecturer in Psychology at the University of Sussex. Her research speciality is the biology of wellbeing at work. Encouraged by the international trials showing the benefits of a 4 day week for both performance in the workplace, and for staff wellbeing, she set up the Sussex 4 Day Week Study. This is assessing the changes that take place in mind, brain, and body when staff switch to a 4 day week, including workplace performance assessments, as well as MRI scans, blood tests, and sleep patterns. She now works to support businesses to implement a 4 day week, by sharing her expertise in how to make a 4 day week a success

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Martyn Loukes BEM (he/him)- Mainstreaming LGBT+ Diversity 

Martyn Loukes is a Change and Communications Consultant working in the Automotive Industry, and Diversity and Inclusion speaker.  He is best known for work in London creating the world’s first LGBT+ transport-related public awareness campaign ‘Ride with Pride’. Starting with London’s first rainbow crossing in 2014 and then going on to create unique campaigns that saw a bus, traditional black cab and overground train adorned with rainbow livery.  By 2016 he added 48 traffic lights to London’s iconic Trafalgar Square in 2016 for Pride in London. He now lives in Brighton working remotely for the world’s biggest automotive safety company, Autoliv based in Stockholm.”

Cécile Deprez (they/them)- From hostile to benevolent forms of sexism at work: hands-on strategies to recognise and challenge it

Cécile Deprez studied Geomatics at the University of Liège (BE) and specialised in satellite positioning. In 2020, Cécile joined the German Aerospace Center (DLR) as a researcher. In the male-dominated fields that are Science and Engineering in Europe, there is still an important need to raise awareness and challenge sexism, mostly in its most subtle forms, such as benevolent sexism and sexist microaggressions. Cécile co-founded and coordinates networks of women and gender minorities in STEM, gathering a community of more than 450 women+, in which are regularly organised discussion rounds on gender-related issues, used as platforms to promote women+ scientists. Cécile co-founded and currently manages the association Sexisme Flop which calls out on social media the brands making use of sexist advertising in Belgium. For the last 1.5 years, Cécile has also been acting as coordinator of the Women-in-Aerospace Europe (WIA-E) working group on the topic of Visibility of Women in STEM

Simran Ahuja (she/her)- Beyond Boxes on a Zoom screen

I am Simran Ahuja, a management consultant by profession for the last 5 years at Bain & Company across their India and San Francisco offices where my work mostly spans the retail and private equity space. I pursued my undergraduation from Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee followed by graduation at Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad and completed my MBA specializing in Finance and Strategy from Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Business in 2022. Besides that, I am a certified career coach and help underserved students navigate the route to their dream college or job via my platform Successfully Yours by Simran. I am extremely passionate about inclusion in the workplace and have played an active role in multiple women-focused organizations over the years. In my free time, I am an avid hiker, traveller and can very often be found in a dance or yoga studio.

Ruth Sullivan  (she/they) – Beyond the ‘GRT’ Tickbox – Traveller inclusion in the anti-racist workplace. 

Ruth is a volunteer director for the national organisation Traveller Pride.  The organisation supports LGBTQI+ people from the various ethnic and cultural Traveller communities, providing safe spaces, visibility in Traveller and non-Traveller communities and advocacy for better understanding and inclusion for Queer Travellers. Ruth is from an East-Anglian mixed Romany and Gorger (non-Traveller) family and has spoken both on TV and events, most notably helping to set up and run The Atchin Tan, the first ever multi-cultural Traveller space at Glastonbury Festival, also speaking on mainstages. Currently Ruth manages young carer support in Brighton and has a particular passion for intersectional youth work that recognises the complexities of identity.  Ruth is genderqueer an

Marc Caulfield (he/him)- Where D&I and mental wellbeing collide

After 28 years in the Advertising & Media business and struggling with his own mental health, Marc decided to make creating healthy workplaces his mission in work. In 2017 Marc built his business with the raison d’etre to help organisations create environments and cultures which look after their people’s mental well-being, where everybody’s voice can be heard, and they can reach their full potential. Marc continues to smash the stigma around mental health in the workplace, education, and society in general. Marc is also an ambassador for The Youth Group and a Role Model on the InsideOut Leaderboard. Marc is a regular writer and speaker on all things Mental Health, Stress and business performance and is a 2x TEDx speaker on Collaboration and Resilience.

Hayley Hubble (she/her)- The Return-to-work gap – are you truly inclusive of everyone?

Hayley is a Career & Return to work Coach and Founder of Coach & Consult with Hayley Hubble. With over 14 years of recruitment, relationship management and coaching experience across multiple industries, with all levels and types of people. Hayley not only has extensive experience in personal development, but a huge passion for helping and guiding people when it comes to navigating life’s journeys, finding resolutions, and transforming individuals and teams. She is an accredited coach and has first-hand experienced returning to work after becoming a first time Mum during the pandemic.

Megan Wellman (she/her)- Breaking Bias for Better Business

For nearly a decade, Megan has been using her marketing and communications skills to reach and engage a wide range of audiences with a variety of topics and ideas. She’s also an author, creating resources and books to make complex diversity and inclusion concepts easy to understand. Megan is also a speaker and loves sharing how we can make work more inclusive. She’s spoken on BBC radio and podcasts, and is speaking at the upcoming BrightonSEO.

Paul Deemer (he/him) – Ch-ch-changing the dynamics

Paul has been a HR professional for over 30 years. He has worked in local government, the voluntary sector and the health service – with particular experience in the fields of recruitment, employee relations, employment law and diversity. When working for Barnardo’s he took on the role of national equality and diversity manager. After a short spell as a HR lead in an NHS trust, he was seconded into the Department of Health and Social Care’s Equality and Diversity Team to help them develop the first national strategy in this area.

Emma Cleary (she/her) – Flexible working and how to make it work

Emma has championed flexible working for over 9 years. Originally driven by a personal need to find a flexible role, she launched Flexibility Matters over 4 years ago. Flexibility Matters aspires to be the leading recruiter dedicated to flexible working and the thought leader in best practice in flexible working in the Southeast. Over the years we have built strong business relationships through networking, blogs and social media, and spread the message relating to the current thinking in flexible working. The core business is to source quality professionals to work flexibly in all businesses and at all levels. 



Flexibility matters: LinkedIn

Emma Cleary: LinkedIn

Stephanie Prior  (she/her)- How to persuade decision makers to prioritise diversity & inclusion led marketing initiatives

Stephanie is Marketing & Business Development Manager. With over 10 years’ experience specialising in marketing, she is passionate about using marketing & PR to lead on new, modern and thought provoking initiatives that support businesses to stand out against competitors and achieve results through marketing campaigns. She is also a presenter on Latest TV, covering business and local news. In 2020, she become the first woman of black heritage to sit on a committee for Brighton & Hove City Council.

Bud Johnston (he/him)- Understanding anti-Black racism

I co founded BARCO the black Anti-Racism Community Organisation in 2020 with the aim of creating a more unified Black Brighton community as well as highlighting that anti Black racism is unique and requires a unique approach in tackling and educating. Working as a volunteer brings its own challenges however my experiences from working in business and marketing have helped me to challenge and navigate the 3rd sector. I am passionate about creating change and the process of doing so.

Izzie Jani-Friend (she/her)- Disability Inclusion at Work

Isabelle Jani-Friend is multimedia journalist writing news pieces, investigations, commentary, and reported features on health, politics, climate, culture and lifestyle for a large number of global media outlets including the Guardian, the FT and CNN. She is currently working as the content lead at Cystic Fibrosis Trust. Having a particular focus on raising awareness for disability and fighting against health injustice and inequality while providing a voice for underrepresented groups. She has cystic fibrosis and openly shares her experiences of living with an invisible disability and the discrimination she has faced.

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