Do you want to create an inclusive organisation?

Do you want to demonstrate to your staff, customers and wider audience that you are committed to making your workplace work for everyone?

Do you want to know what actions will make a tangible impact on your inclusion journey?

Then you need to take the Inclusion Journey.

At Watch This Sp_ce we are dedicated to transforming talk into action when it comes to diversity and inclusion. Our unique, twelve-stage system takes you through a series of levels to make meaningful and measurable progress that you can shout about to the world.

Each level will:

  • Provide an audit of your organisation
  • Identify gaps and opportunities for growth
  • Provide you with an action plan to move you forward
  • Give you an accreditation to show your commitment and demonstrate progress

Level One is absolutely free of charge

You can complete the first assessment without paying a penny. There is no requirement, ever, for you to move forward from there if you don’t want to.

Except that, if you’ve completed Level One, wouldn’t you want to show your team and your audience that you can go further…?

The choice is yours. But why not get started for free today and see whether you can earn an Inclusion Journey Level One accreditation for free straight away.

If you pass, you’ll be sent a certification. If you don’t, you’ll be sent a step-by-step action plan to enable you to pass next time.