What Could Our Future Be? Reflections on TedX Brighton

Do we know what the future holds and what it is? Who is making the decisions on that future and telling people what is happening? An inspirational day at TedX Brighton showed us that we need to radically change who […]

Why do we need an office?

Before you decide whether you need to “get back to the office”, have you thought about what your office is actually for? Why do you need it? How will you use it? These are the fundamental questions that need to be addressed as we move to post-pandemic working.

Why don’t we have more female leaders?

Women are hugely underrepresented in leadership roles, but all the evidence shows that more women at the top makes organisations more successful. So why don’t we have more female leaders and what can we do about it?

Three Reasons Why People Are Challenged By Conversations

When we communicate with other people, we all come from different perspectives which inform how we communicate. These can be perspectives about our lives, about the situation we are discussing, or about experiences we have had. We all receive communications […]