Decisions, Decisions: Are you including everyone in your decisions?

Decisions, decisions, we have to make them every day. Every time we make a decision, we make a choice about what and who we include in our decision-making. When we do that, do we always consider all the different options and perspectives? Do we ask different people for their thoughts, ideas and objections to a choice.

Job interviews: impossible tasks or great opportunities?

Let’s talk about job interviews. Many employers say they are struggling to recruit people, and most candidates dread having to attend job interviews. So, are we thinking about job interviews in the wrong way? Are we seeing them as a […]

Three Reasons Why People Are Challenged By Conversations

When we communicate with other people, we all come from different perspectives which inform how we communicate. These can be perspectives about our lives, about the situation we are discussing, or about experiences we have had. We all receive communications […]