What the inclusion revolution means for deafness

Silvie Koanda

Silvie Koanda is the co-founder of Sound Waves Foundation (SWF), a charity committed to empowering deaf children and young adults. SWF’s mission is to celebrate deaf identity and bring deaf awareness through innovation, creativity and technology.

One of SWF’s most recent projects ‘Action for Captions’, is a call to action for inclusion in education. Campaigning, advocating and installing live captioning software into schools, all the way from primary school to university. Live captioning in the classroom benefits many, not just deaf children and students. SWF wants people to read the room, consider the differences in society and how broader changes can benefit everyone!

When Silvie isn’t campaigning for inclusion or growing SWF’s network she works as a picture editor for The Economist, an international magazine that focuses on current affairs, international business, politics, technology and culture.

From a multicultural and multilingual background, Silvie loves to explore cultural and social topics, in conversation and by traveling across the globe. During her career as a photojournalist Silvie has worked and lived in Honduras and Madagascar and has held exhibitions in Burkina Faso. Driven by the desire to understand and connect with all walks of life, Silvie Koanda is an advocate for inclusion and diversity.

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