Over the summer, we had University of Sussex student, Chelsea Rutter, join us on a two month internship as a Client Services Executive, check out what Chelsea had to say about her experience. 

My time at Watch This Sp_ce has been a journey of not only personal growth but also a deepening understanding of the importance of fostering an inclusive work environment. 

As an individual with ADHD, a neurodiverse condition that often presents unique challenges in the workplace, I was particularly drawn to the mission of Watch This Sp_ce: to help organisations improve their equality, diversity, and inclusion commitments in order to help teams work better together, improve productivity, profitability and more.

Embarking on my journey at Watch This Sp_ce, I was already aware of my needs as a neurodiverse individual. However, navigating the company’s inclusion roadmap, I was surprised by the many measures that could be implemented to support individuals while simultaneously aligning with organisational objectives. This reinforced a crucial realisation: when employees are provided with the appropriate tools and an optimal starting point, it cultivates a sense of inclusion and value, empowering them to leverage their strengths and consequently enhance their output.

Watch This Sp_ce is not just another organisation that talks about inclusivity; it actively implements strategies to create a genuinely inclusive environment. During my time here, I observed flexible working arrangements, open communication channels, and a supportive feedback culture that not only benefited me as a neurodiverse individual but also catered to the diverse needs of all employees. The proactive efforts to foster an inclusive environment made a noticeable impact and served as a testament to the organisation’s commitment to its mission.

It is worth noting that the mission of Watch This Sp_ce extends far beyond neurodiversity. It encompasses a commitment to reevaluating and transforming existing policies across all stages of employment, from recruitment and onboarding to training and maintenance, ensuring that workplaces are accessible and supportive for everyone, regardless of their background or diverse needs. This comprehensive approach is vital in creating an environment where everyone feels supported and valued.

The efforts of Watch This Sp_ce underscore the importance of actively working towards inclusivity. It is not merely about making adjustments for neurodiversity or any other specific diverse need; it is about considering the multitude of unique characteristics that individuals bring to the table, including diverse ethnic backgrounds, gender identities, physical abilities, and more.

The commitment to inclusivity should not be a one-time effort but a continuous process integrated into the organisation’s fabric. My experience at Watch This Sp_ce has reaffirmed that not only is this possible, but it also serves as a model for other organisations striving to create a more inclusive and supportive work environment.