Diverse teams make faster and better decisions, predict and handle crises better, are more creative, drive greater innovation and MAKE MORE MONEY.

Yet time and time again we hear businesses say that they simply can’t recruit different types of people – diverse people just aren’t applying for our jobs, they say.

So let’s do something about it. In this session, our expert panel look at the challenges when it comes recruiting diverse teams, and what you can do to overcome them.

From building an inclusive recruitment process to improving your employer brand and demonstrating a commitment to inclusion across the organisation, this event will give you inspiration and practical advice to help you benefit from the variety of perspectives, ideas and experiences that you need to drive your organisation forward.


Merlie Calvert

Merlie Calvert is the CEO and Founder of Farillio, an award-winning tech business in the business and legal services sector. Passionate about Farillio’s mission to ensure that no small business owner struggles because they can’t get access to the info, materials or expert help they need, on a basis they can afford, Merlie’s unapologetically rebellious about championing small business rights.

Areej AbuAli

Areej AbuAli is an SEO consultant and the Founder of Women in Tech SEO, a global community of more than 3,000 members, created to enable women in the Technical SEO field to discuss, share and learn from one another. Areej is a regular conference speaker and campaigner, championing the need for diversity in tech.

Natasha Woodford

Natasha Woodford is the Founder of clockworkTalent, digital recruitment agency. Born in Hong Kong, Natasha has lived in the Middle and Far East, America and now back in England. She has always been a little intolerant of unconscious bias and supports the employers she works with to try to remove it from the recruitment process.

Yose Dhansay

Yose Dhansay is Head of Professional Services at Madgex – a provider of recruitment job board SaaS software for brands around the world. If you have applied for a job online in the last 20 years, chances are you used a Madgex job board. Yose is a believer in creating diverse, inclusive teams. And he focuses on recruiting people for potential. He has vast knowledge and experience of the recruitment landscape, and data about recruiter and candidate behaviours in the job market.

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