When you look for a new job, it can be a task trying to size up what life will be like if you take that role. You have to imagine yourself in the role to consider whether you feel you can belong there. Which can be a risk, as you don’t have much information to tell you what it’s really like to work there. One of the most powerful ways employers can show people what their culture is like is to use videos to tell the story. The impact of an employee talking about their job is way more powerful than a document or website listing the words which make up the company values.

As that’s the case, why do we still see so many employers not using video to help them recruit? There are so many employers trying to recruit right now, and many of them seem to have forgotten that they need to appeal to candidates. They need to show them why this is the role for them, and what better way than to have employees telling people about why they love their role and employer?

Here’s three brand videos which tell the employer brand story with impact:

1. Inclusion Starts With I: Accenture

Inclusion Starts With I: Accenture Employer Brand Video

This video by Accenture was released in 2017, and it’s as powerful now as it was then. I dare you to watch it and not cry. It’s a simple technique of using employees holding up cards to talk about their experiences, their lives and how everyone wants to feel included. When I first saw this video, it made me want to work for them, even though I was not sure what the company does. This video so clearly shows why video is so critical in showing people the culture and values of a company. This speaks to people way more powerfully than any job advert.

2. Succeed From Anywhere: Salesforce

Succeed From Anywhere: Salesforce Employer Brand Video

Salesforce have responded to the pandemic in their employer brand video. ‘Succeed From Anywhere’ tells the story about how work changed overnight. Through showing people in different scenarios, places and crucially with different types of interruptions, they show they have an inclusive culture. Watching this video makes me think they are going to be the type of employer who lets people work in their own way to achieve their objectives. They show different types of people working in their own ways, and one of their values is ‘Trust’ which they show through this video.

3. This Is A Generic Brand Video: Dissolve

This Is A Generic Brand Video: Dissolve

My third example is a clever video which flips the whole notion of brand videos. Dissolve are a company who provide stock photos and footage. What they did with this video was to use their stock footage, and a voice-over telling us why we need to think carefully about what we mean by inclusion, messaging and story-telling. Through this video they show us why the use of video has to be authentic and avoid cliches. They won awards for this video which parodies how companies use brand videos in a generic way. This example makes me want to work for them for their authenticity, truth-telling and for their sense of humour.

Through these examples, you can see how employers can engage with people in a powerful and impactful way. It’s a way to show your employees and what they think about working at your place. These videos don’t have to be big budget productions with fancy locations. You can create these types of videos simply and easily.

What you need to do is think about the story you want to tell, what do you want people to know about your workplace? What is going to make you stand out as an employer. Are there things that you do, that will show your brand personality and style?

We know that videos can create a big impact in recruiting, and we know that to attract a wide range of candidates, video is a great way to reach out to different audiences and tell your story. That’s why we have created our ‘Employer Brand Video Package’. Email hello@watchthisspace.uk to find out how we can help you create impactful, accessible and engaging videos to make you stand out as an employer.

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