How have your team been handling remote working this year?

Have you asked them?

There are a number of benefits to remote working – employees report improved work/life balance, enhanced productivity and time and cost-savings now they’ve ditched the commute.

But there can also be a number of challenges.

Organisational culture has to adjust. The way staff are supported both in their day-to-day tasks and in their long-term personal development has to evolve. And measures need to be put in place to ensure that mental and physical wellbeing are maintained when staff are spending more time confined at home.

What can you do?

As an employer or manager, the most important first step to take in developing your remote working process is to ask your team how they’re finding this new set-up.

By assessing your team’s current experience, how their work is being impacted and what support they need, you’ll be able to create an action plan to improve productivity, communication, staff development, organisational culture and staff wellbeing and motivation.

At Watch This Sp_ce, we can create an employee survey for you to do just that. We’ll analyse the data, and provide you with clear recommendations for how you can take remote working from a hastily implemented stop-gap measure to a strategic approach that integrates with your organisational values and processes. Because it doesn’t look like we’ll be going back to the office any time soon.

Let’s get started

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