Job interviews: impossible tasks or great opportunities?

Let’s talk about job interviews. Many employers say they are struggling to recruit people, and most candidates dread having to attend job interviews. So, are we thinking about job interviews in the wrong way? Are we seeing them as a […]

What’s the point of International Women’s Day?

What is International Women’s Day actually doing? Is it advancing the cause of gender equality, or just giving brands another marketing opportunity? How can we make it about more than just a day?

Colouring With Teal To Reinvent How We Work

“If employees need to be empowered, it is because the system’s very design concentrates power at the top” Reinventing Organizations by Frederic Laloux In years to come will we look back on how we run organisations and wonder why we […]

Why would someone want to work for you?

When it comes to looking for a new job, most people aren’t looking for the highest salary. Here are the things that will really attract a wide range of top candidates.

Three Reasons Why People Are Challenged By Conversations

When we communicate with other people, we all come from different perspectives which inform how we communicate. These can be perspectives about our lives, about the situation we are discussing, or about experiences we have had. We all receive communications […]

Valuing Your Values: What Do Your Values Say About You?

Most organisations create values which they use to engage people and to communicate their culture to the outside world. These values are a way of showing what your purpose is, and why people should care. They communicate the essence of […]

5 ways to re-think leadership in 2022

After two years of uncertainty during the pandemic, we have all got used to adapting to changing situations. As well as our home lives, working styles, processes, and practices have been disrupted, shaken up, and changed as the way we […]