We are the winners of the Simply Business competition!

We are so delighted to announce that we are the winners of the Simply Business Boost competition! Read to find out more about the process, judges and what you can expect from Watch This Sp_ce in the very near future…

Three books with three ideas about diversity and inclusion

We enjoy reading books around subjects with new ideas. But we also know that it’s tough to find time to read all of them, and can be a job in itself trying to keep up! So if you’re struggling to find your next stimulating read, here is a summary of three great books, with three ideas to go with them.

You don’t always have to say something

When tragic world events occur, organisational leaders feel they have to say something. But maybe you don’t have to speak. Maybe you could listen and learn.

Defining Diversity: What do we mean by all these terms?

One of the most important factors of your diversity and inclusion journey is that all of your team need to be on the same page. You all need to know where you’re aiming for, and be heading for the same place, in order to reach your goals.

Dare to be different: unique career paths

Where would we be if we all followed ‘traditional’ paths in our education or careers? Here are five ideas of unique career paths that offer fulfilment and success!