What’s the value of brand values?

Brand values are not a nice to have. They’re not marketing fluff. Values make you money. So you need to know what they are and how to use them.

The Inclusion Gap: are we heading for a technology innovation crisis?

The world needs new solutions to problems. And creating new, innovative ways to solve these problems needs different kinds of people to be included. It’s these varied perspectives that create new ideas and solutions. If we fail to include different people to create new tech, is technology innovation in crisis?

Is International Women’s Day doing more harm than good?

International Women’s Day seems to be giving businesses an opportunity to cover up their failings – making a token gesture to suggest they’re doing something, whilst giving them an excuse not to do anything at all. Or carry on actively discriminating against women. Something has to change.

Is video the key to you reaching a wide audience?

When you create content what you are aiming to do is reach a wide audience and have impact. Using video is a proven way to do that. People are more likely to watch short video clips than they are to […]

Who are you alienating with your communications?

Do you ever look at communications published by organisations and wonder what on earth they were thinking? Sometimes you gasp and think how can several people have thought that this was the way to communicate with people. And sometimes news […]

Do you make assumptions? Yes of course you do, we all do

When we first meet people, we make immediate assumptions about them in our heads. We all do it, it’s a habit we form and continue through our lives, and it’s something we’re not consciously aware we’re doing. It’s based on […]

What you need to think about to communicate in a crisis

New year, new crisis? This is no time for muddled, confused messaging or for forgetting about all the different people who are affected. This is a time for being as inclusive as you possibly can in how you think about communications in a crisis.

How to create communications to connect with everyone

How do you communicate with your audience? Do they engage with your communications, and, crucially, do your communications generate new opportunities for you? Or could it be that your communications are failing to reach and/or resonate with enough of your […]