What are the benefits of diversity training?

Why should you bother with diversity training? From impressive cost-savings to innovation and market expansion that will drive your business forward, this is way beyond the fluffy box-ticking exercise you might be imagining.

Five ideas for running inclusive online meetings

We have all got very used to running and attending online meetings. Have you considered how everyone in your team experiences these meetings, and how do you feel about attending all these video meetings? Here are some ideas to think about if you are organising online meetings.

What is unconscious bias?

Many people become uncomfortable when they hear it suggested that they have unconscious biases that they may want to tackle. We’d like to bust a few myths about unconscious bias, and help you understand what it’s really all about.

Do they know it’s Christmas? … Maybe they don’t care.

And so, it starts, the annual British preoccupation about one day of the year. The conversations start early, from around October to December 25th. Currently, we are in the midst of a pandemic and many of the media conversations are […]

Diversity: it’s not just a black and white issue

When the word “diversity” is mentioned, most people immediately think of race. Since the need to challenge racism and improve opportunities for people of colour has been highlighted by recent events, that issue is front of mind for a lot […]

Mentoring – The Secret Ingredient for Inclusion

Imagine if diverse people were mentored by someone who could help them feel the inclusion, belonging and hope to progress their career. Imagine the power of having a mentor to introduce you to the connections who can help you achieve your ambitions. Mentoring could be the secret ingredient for inclusion in your organisation.